Port Mourant 1993

They say tropical ageing is about two to three times as fast as continental ageing. Today we have a wee battle between a relatively younger, tropically aged Port Mourant and one that has been ageing for essentially twice as long in the UK. The only other 1993 Port Mourant I am aware of is the Cadenhead’s Uitvlugt “MPM 1993 25YO. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to try it yet though.

pmra (2)Rum Artesanal Uitvlugt (Port Mourant) 1993 25YO “PM” (52,1%): Usually I’d start with the younger one but because of the alcoholic discrepancy, let’s have this one first. Rum Artesanal are really ascending the ladder quickly these days, by the way. Nose: What the heck? This is a totally different PM! Very chistmas-y with christmas stollen, orgeat, marzipan, plenty of candied fruits, anise, cinnamon, cloves, some wood and more of that christmas stollen. Oh dear, I didn’t expect that. Now papaya and a hint of grapefruit. I am a bit puzzled since this one is so different but I think it is great! Palate: The palate continues in the very same fashion and most of the flavours from the nose map pretty accurately to the palate. All in all it feels a bit fresher and more citrus-y, while the Christmas-like aromas have been moved a bit more into the background. It’s now closer to the Port Mourant profile we have in mind (anise and related spices, wet wood), even though it is still pretty much of an oddball. We might add dry caramel and tonka perhaps. The finish is relatively long, sweet and slightly bitter. I get wood, anise, tonka and here and there the christmas stollen. At the danger of repeating myself, this one is very different, but I think it is great! Just be warned that it is not exactly what you might expect. thumb-60x60 (90/100)

pmvelier2 (2)Velier Port Mourant 1993 13YO “PM” (65%): Nose: My first impression is wood but very quickly I am getting some of the sweeter, christmas stollen-like notes that we’ve also found in the Rum Artesanal. Then wood glue, dry wood, brush cleaner, a rather delicate olive, pepper, nutmeg, but quite to my surprise little to no anise. The fruitiness has almost been sucked out entirely but I don’t think the rum was very fruity to start with. At best I can name grapefruit or banana. Palate: Once again, pretty much on the woody side of things. Cooking banana, cassava and especially pepper are my mine associations as this is not necessarily the most complex Port Mourant ever. It is however, very ester heavy and intense and I definitely do get some Jamaican vibes here. It’s quite nice actually, but nevertheless I think we have been spoilt over the years… Four or five years ago I have been going crazy about this one, these days… well. The finish is actually more entertaining than the palate as it comes with a mix of woody, spicy and more ‘dirty’ notes if you will. We are even visiting the gas-station here. Finish: A mix between the esters (banana), wood and spices at a perfect length (not too short, neither too long). A really nice and intense PM despite being a one-trick pony. thumb-60x60 (85/100)