2x Cadenhead’s Demerara 1975

Demerara 1975 always sounds like Port Mourant, don’t you think!? Nevertheless, these two old Cadenhead’s Green Label series bottlings might be blends from different Guyanese stills but I am not sure. But as we will see, they inevitably make you think of Port Mourant anyway…

Cadenheads-Demerara-Rum-1975-Green-Label (2)Cadenhead’s Demerara 1975 30YO (40,5%): Nose: Very deep and rich, especially at what is basically 40%. I actually don’t know if this is a blend of several styles but Port Mourant is very obvious (I don’t think there has ever been another Guyanese rum not from the Port Mourant still from that year). The anise note is just so typical. On top of that I get other spices, chamomile, wood, liquorice, molasses, stale black tea, antique furniture and tobacco. Again, how often is it that 40% are this aromatic!? Excellent! Palate: Quite a bit woodier than the nose suggested but not to the extent that it killed the rum. The texture is incredibly thick and creamy and it doesn’t feel like some ‘watts’ are missing here. Magnificent, really. Rich wood, a spice mix, dark berries, caramel, glowing tobacco, mahogany, gorp, slightly sulphate-y notes and old toothpaste are my major impressions. Finish: Super long with spices, different woods, walnut oil, orange zest and burnt sugar. It’s amazing how long you can enjoy a single sip. I don’t think <50% have ever been better than this. It actually has plenty of similarities to the recent 1954 Navy blends but this is quite a bit better even if you ask me. thumb-60x60 (87/100)

Cadenheads-Demerara-Rum-1975-Green-Label2 (2)Cadenhead’s Demerara 1975 32YO (40,6%): Nose: Just like with the 30YO, it is tough to believe how intense 40% can be. In direct comparison it is a bit less dusty and musty, i.e. it comes with less of the antique furniture. Besides that, the profile is very similar. Relatively speaking, we might add some red berries, take away the chamomile and increase the intensity a wee bit (i.e. slightly less wood, some more fruity elements) but distinguishing the two rums based on the nose alone is tougher than I’d like to admit. Palate: It is as creamy as the other one, extremely intense but not overly complex. Still, it is interesting enough to spend a whole evening with just a single dram. Different woods, red fruits, cold fruit tea, rosehip, dark caramel, tobacco, latte macchiato and way less bitter notes than you might expect. Interestingly, the spices are a bit tuned down here. Finish: Very long and rich with wood, walnut, Angostura bitters, dry plums and old sultana. The nose was better with this one, the palate and finish with the other. I’ll give them the same grade but the 30YO left a slightly better overall impression with me. thumb-60x60 (87/100)


These rums may actually be cask strength (dilution in the barrel, you know). Given the thick mouthfeel and creamy texture that would make a lot of sense at least.