Cadenhead’s has been founded by William Cadenhead in 1858, who renamed the business operated by him and his deceased brother-in-law George Duncan. When William died in 1904, his nephew Robert W. Duthies took over the company and started to establish its reputation in bottling Scotch and Demerara rum. Cadenhead’s was not in good shape financially during the Great Depression of 1931. Even worse, Mr Duthie has been run over by a tram on his way to a meeting with his bank manager. There was no ideal candidate to commence the business which has been handed over to Ann Oliver, a long-term employee who was known for her sloppy operations and bad business decisions. Cadenhead’s had to be sold eventually and while their warehouses were full of old whisky and rum barrels, no-one was able to determine their value. Christie’s, who had liquidated plenty of rum in the past, organised a two-day sale (3.-4. October 1972) which has been the largest sale of wines and spirits Great Britain has seen till this day. It was quite the success as it resulted in a huge surplus over the company’s liabilities. Cadenhead’s has subsequently been sold to J & A Mitchell & Co Ltd, proprietors of Springbank Distillery. Today, Cadenhead’s is still releasing a handful of rums every year but their focus is definitely on Scotch Whisky.

This is an interview I’ve had with Cadenhead’s Mark Watt.

For an excellent take on Cadenhead’s history check out this article by Thijs Klaverstijn.

A list of tasted Cadenhead’s rums:

Dated Distillation Series









  • Cadenhead’s Volcano Distillery “NMC” 11YO (2002-2013), 62%

St. Lucia


Green Label Series




  • Cadenhead’s Haiti (Barbancourt) 7YO (2004-2011), 46%


  • Cadenhead’s Jamaica (Hampden) 14YO (1992-2006/7), 46%
  • Cadenhead’s Jamaica (?) 13YO (2000-2013), 46%
  • Cadenhead’s Jamaica (Long Pond) 14YO (2002-2017), 46%


  • Cadenhead’s Classic Rum, 50%
  • Cadenhead’s Classic Rum from the cask (Cologne, 2017)