Did we just acquire some Bologne!?

There just aren’t many Bolognes so there’s not much to write about. But here’s a brand new pair, at least it is new to us.

Bologne Élevé Sous Bois (42%): Admittedly, these basics aren’t the most exciting bottlings but they are always worth checking out. This one ought to be one or two years old. Nose: More wood and substractive maturation than you might think. Apple pie, apple sauce, cinnamon, herbs and lovage shape a very standard but lovely profile that doesn’t quite surprise us with anything, however. Palate: Soft and mellow yet still with a certain bite. We get an earthy agricole with some oak, reeds and other vegetal notes. Finish: The vegetal notes, which are even more dominant now, are supported by spices and baked apples. There’s definitely a place for Rums like this. Sometime we just want something pleasant and easy sipping and I think this Rum suits the bill, even though there’s absolutely no reason to acquire it from a nerd’s point of view. (72/100)

Velier Bologne 2014 7YO (54,9%): This is actually made up of Rums that have been distilled in 2013 and 2014. Nose: Different kinds of mushrooms, mineral notes, a mix of unripe fruits, millet, more earthy notes, nutmeg, muscovado sugar and oak. The Rum is quite layered and all in all just so much better and frankly so much more than the Élevé Sous Bois if you know what I mean. Palate: Crazily smooth. This drinks like a 40% abv Rum. Flavourwise, the Rum seems to be a bit simpler than the nose suggested but it is still rather nice. Fresh sugar cane, muscovado sugar, green mango, avocado, pepper and more vegetal notes shape the profile. While it doesn’t offer anything spectacular or explosive, I think this is a very good, down to earth and relaxed expression. Finish: Medium long with oak, pepper, unripe fruits and vegetal notes – essentially an extension of the palate. I’d say this is probably the best Bologne to date, even though our sample size is rather limited. (82/100)

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