Did we just acquire some Bologne!?

There just aren’t many Bolognes so there’s not much to write about. But here’s a brand new pair, at least it is new to us. Bologne Élevé Sous Bois (42%): Admittedly, these basics aren’t the most exciting bottlings but they are always worth checking out. This one ought to be one or two years old….

Agricole Blancs & Ti’ Punchs Part II

This is part two of our great Agricole Blanc & Ti’ Punch cross-tasting. You can refer to the other sessions here: Part I (Bielle, Damoiseau, Depaz, J.M., La Favorite, Neisson) Part II (Bellevue, Bologne, Clément, HSE, Longueteau, Trois Rivières) Part III (Charette, J. Bally, Karukera, La Mauny, Montebello, St. James) Part IV (Final ranking and…