The “First Drops” were already quite good. These are the distillery’s subsequent two releases, one from another batch and one that builds on the 2019 cane harvest.

Providence “Dunder & Syrup” 2021 (56%): Nose: Very crisp and clear and yet still ample aromatic. I get a hint of varnish, ripe apples, green mango, vanilla, rich vinegar and saline solution. The profile is very direct and straightforward, and I don’t mind that. Palate: A tad dirtier than the nose but still relatively clean. I’d describe the taste as earthy and vegetal, with unripe banana, plantains, green olives, the saline solution, brine, avocado oil and slightly bitter nuts. It is really different from the nose, a feature I like a lot. Finish: Short with olives, avocado oil and peppery notes. This is a very good second release, that’s quite different in profile from the “First Drops”. In direct comparison, I think I like the 2019 juice a bit more. (82/100)

Providence 2019 3YO (52%): These should be the first drops that aged for three years in an ex-Caroni cask. Nose: If you know it, you can definitely smell those burnt tires and the engine oil typically found in HTR Caroni. All in all, the cask has definitely tamed the distillate and masked quite a few of its subtle nuances and interesting edgy notes. That said, some of the rather nice fruity and floral notes are clearly missing. Palate: Very creamy and relatively dirty with different sorts of oil (avocado, engine and olive oil), green olives, different herbal notes, vaguely a few spices from the cask and greenery. It is a rather interesting profile but at the end of the day it doesn’t quite add up for me. Finish: Short to medium long with olives, avocado oil, herbs and vegetal notes. The cask has clearly shaped the Rum (without adding a lot of Caroni, mind you) but not necessarily for the better, if you ask me. That said, this is still a good first aged release. (82/100)

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