Three dark (coloured) young Demeraras

We are finally back – if you have been waiting for it or not! At least we will drastically shorten the time between posts.
As the title says, we have three Demeraras on the agenda that are all young, heavily coloured and more or less permanently available standards that have been around for quite some time.

O.V.D. (40%): This Rum by George Morton Ltd is called “Old Vatted Demerara” and as far as I can tell, it drastically varied in quality over time, while always keeping its general character. Nose: Lots of Enmore, that’s for sure. Salted licorice, molasses, Marmite, burrnt caramel, wood and spices. As far as the aromas are concerned, this one has everything we are looking for in such a Rum. Palate: Sufficiently creamy and flavourful at its low abv. Sure, it lacks the body, intensity and complexity of older full proof bottlings but the profile itself is ample fine. Compared to the nose we are in more or less identical territory, but miss a note here and there, which is rather usual with these types of spirits. Finish: Short with wood, spices and burnt caramel. I am positively surprised as this is much better than I expected. There are times when I can definitely see myself sipping this neat. Cause… why not!? (72/100)

Skipper (40%): It has been a while since I have had this “Dark Rum” that is “The Best In This Rum World” and in my memory it isn’t very good. Nose: Hmm… this smells very dull and trivial, which becomes even more obvious when having this side by side with the O.V.D.. It goes so far that I am having a hard time describing the profile. At best I can name spices and herbs but seriously, it is probably best not to expect anything. Palate: As you know, flavours are detected in the nose and the palate can only assist in describing what we smell. So here we have the same old, ever so slightly bitter and woody nothingness that can only give you an idea of what Demerara Rum is all about. Finish: Short with more of the same. Nah, this one isn’t good. Not bad at all, but there’s absolutely no reason to drink this if you ask me. (55/100)

Wood’s (57%): This one is called “Old Navy Rum” but it is pure Demerara and no Navy blend. By the way, this is a bottle I always have at home. Let’s see if that’s rightly so. Nose: Easily recognizable as a Demerara Rum but with less Enmore and more Savalle than the O.V.D. I think. At least in the nose, the higher abv isn’t noticeable at all. We get roasting aromas, chocolate, dark caramel, wood and molasses. Only the spices are missing a bit if you ask me. Palate: Surprisingly mild and sippable. The navy strength really doesn’t feel like one and in a blind tasting I would definitely have got this wrong. Most importantly, it isn’t as flavourful and interesting as the O.V.D., despite the extra power. Now more spices but still mostly roasting aromas such as cocoa, coffee and charred wood. Comparing it directly with the O.V.D. shows that the Wood’s is way less alcoholic by the way and while I prefer the profile of the O.V.D., the Wood’s is definitely the better Rum all in all. Finish: Short with wood, spices and chocolate. (75/100)

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