Ethereal – A Single Cask Rum bottling

I am super happy to announce the first bottling for and by this little blog! Together with our buddy Dominik from Rum Artesanal, we are proud to release “Ethereal”, a magnificent blend featuring three of our very favorite distilleries with some of the best vintages that have ever come out of them!

So why a blend, when the name of this blog is “Single Cask Rum”, you may ask rightfully. Firstly, a good blend is of course more than just the sum of its parts, even though examples of that are getting rarer and rarer. One of my early-time favorites was the Sea Wynde blend, a mix of Demerara (Versailles) and high-ester Jamaican rum. I always felt that this combination was indeed rather special and Versailles, perhaps even our very favorite rum style, is among the very, very few rums that are able to shine next to these strong Jamaicans in a blend. Dominik gave us the chance to recreate such a rum and I am more than happy with the result.
Secondly, the rums themselves are simply excellent individually. We are having a 25YO Versailles “REV” 1994 (trust me, one of the best rums ever!), Hampden “HLCF” 1998 (click here for my opinion of the batch) and a New Yarmouth from 2009, that has either the mark “HM” or “RR” according to the lab test. Definitely keep an eye on these as well!

This pure pot still rum has a weighted average age of 18,66 years and comes in at 58,4% abv. The release is limited to 60 bottles in total.

thumb-60x60 Ethereal on Rum Tasting Notes.