Compagnie des Indes

Compagnie des Indes (French West India Company) is a French Independent Bottler and the brain child of Florent Beuchet. The French West India Company started out as an exporter that wanted to sell some of their products such as gin and weapons to the French colonies but they quickly realised that basically no-one was interested in buying these goods. Instead, people at home were asking about spices, fabrics, gold and so on and thus the Compagnie des Indes became an importing company instead. Similarily to how the French West India Company then sold good from all over the world, Florent’s idea was to source and bottle rum from many different countries.
Even though the majority of Compagnie des Indes’ bottlings are single cask rums, Florent is very open to experimenting with different casks and finishes. For instance, he has finished rums with used Islay-, Lapsang Souchong- (a very smoky tea) or beer barrels. So far, the quality of his selections has been rather mixed. Compagnie des Indes’ bottlings are quite hit and miss and I always recommend getting a sample before buying a whole bottle. One of the reasons is probably that not all rums have a high tolerance to dilution with water. While they also offer rums closer to or at cask strength, these are exceptions and not sold in all the countries (many are exclusive to Denmark for example). Exploring their range is definitely worth it as you can find a few gems among them. They also have a few rums with special finishes or from countries that you cannot find with other bottlers. Anyways, Florent is probably one of the most sympathetic figures in the business and I wish him all the success in the world!

Florent also gave me the opportunity to ask him a couple of questions. You can find his answers here.

Compagnie des Indes rums I got to try:





Domincan Republic

  • Compagnie des Indes A.F.D. 8YO (2010-2019), 43%
  • Compagnie des Indes A.F.D. 8YO (2010-2019), 62,1%

El Salvador

  • Compagnie des Indes Licorera Cihutan 9YO (2007-2018), 43%



  • Compagnie des Indes Bellevue Distillery 16YO (1998-2014), 43%


  • Compagnie des Indes Diamond (Blend) 11YO (2007-2019), 43%
  • Compagnie des Indes Diamond (Blend) “Madeira Finish” 12YO (2007-2019), 42%
  • Compagnie des Indes Enmore (Versailles) 27YO (1988-2016), 52,7%
  • Compagnie des Indes Enmore (Versailles?) 29YO (1988-2018), 48%
  • Compagnie des Indes Enmore (Versailles) 24YO (1990-2015), 58,1%
  • Compagnie des Indes Uitvlugt Distillery (Port Mourant) 21YO (1993-2015), 51%
  • Compagnie des Indes Uitvlugt Distillery (Port Mourant) 18YO (1997-2016), 57,9%
  • Compagnie des Indes Port Mourant 13YO (2002-2015), 58%
  • Compagnie des Indes Port Mourant 12YO (2005-2018), 45%
  • Compagnie des Indes Port Mourant 9YO (2008-2018), 55%
  • Compagnie des Indes Port Mourant 8YO (2010-2018), 43%
  • Compagnie des Indes Uitvlugt Distillery 18YO (1997-2016), 45%





  • Compagnie des Indes Dillon 13YO (2002-2015), 44%
  • Compagnie des Indes Simon 11YO (2008-2019), 42%



St. Lucia

  • Compagnie des Indes St. Lucia Distillers 13YO (2002-2015), 43%




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