New Year – New Yarmouth

Yes, that title was stupid, but what shall we do!?

S.B.S New Yarmouth “WK” (PX Sherry) 2020 2YO (58,3%): While we still do not know what WK stands for, it denotes the ultra high ester marque of New Yarmouth, with a registered ester range of 1500-1600 gr/hlaa. This one aged entirely in a former PX sherry cask by the way. Nose: Oh yeah! Acetone and nail polish remover, sweet pastry such as baklava (those sweet pistachios!), quality marzipan (those sweet almonds!) and christmas stollen. Holy moly, this is right up my alley and contrary to Hampden’s DOK -bourbon or sherry cask, it doesn’t matter-, this isn’t overwhelming at all. What is more, it smells much more mature than the age suggests, but that’s the magic of the PX cask I think. Palate: Still quite mature with a solid balance between cask notes and the actual distillate. Read: The impact of the sherry is relatively subtle. Sweet Amarena cherries, some wood, acetone, exotic fruits, sweet pastry… what more can you ask for if you are into these types of Rum!? There really isn’t anything to complain here! Finish: Long with esters and sweet sherry notes. Pretty good. I hope there will be more of this in a few years. This stuff is going to be a real banger! (87/100)

The Wild Parrot New Yarmouth (for Corman Collins) 2009 13YO (61,4%): We really like this batch, but then again, we almost liked everything that came from New Yarmouth so far. Nose: Lots of esters such as pineapple, banana, sweet pastry and acetone. It also has this certain quite sour acidity (tautology!?) that doesn’t resemble citrus fruits however. It is almost a faulty note I think. Compared to the other bottlings of this batch we’ve had it is decidedly more woody and less fruity, which isn’t necessarily a plus but I must say that this is still very good! After a while I also get a few more herbal notes. Palate: Oha. Very direct and on a thin line between sour and sweet. It is not too woody at all, extremely flavorful and just just a nice Rum. I also get Christmas-like vibes in the form of anise and cinnamon, which is quite cool, especially at this time of the year! Finish: Long and heavy on the spices, which is a really cool addition to the distillate’s character. Not the best bottling of the batch but still extremely good! (88/100)

Compagnie des Indes also has a pair of Rums from this batch.

Compagnie des Indes New Yarmouth 2009 12YO “Denmark” (59,5%): Nose: A bit reserved in direct comparison. Pineapple, oak, banana, flat bread and waffles are my first impressions. After a few more minutes we get more fruity notes in the form of different berries, some floral aspects (think hibiscus) and vanilla. Interestingly, the acidity is missing entirely here. Palate: A lot more esters than we got in the nose and finally also some citrus notes. Pineapple is still kind though. With the second sip powdered sugar, overripe pears, oak, some herbs and mango. A very grown up bottling I’d say. Finish: Quite long and slightly astringent with pineapple, oak, vanilla and passion fruit. I am starting to wonder how much older this batch should become. I already feel very comfortable where we are. (90/100)

Compagnie des Indes New Yarmouth 2009 12YO “Perola” (60,2%): Nose: Drier than the “Denmark” and closer to the Wild Parrot with a lot more oak and cask influence. In terms of aromas I’d say that this one is leaning more towards bananas and banana bread, even though pineapple is still pretty much a dominant note here. Then oak, spices, ginger and a few buttery notes akin to pastry. Again, this one also seems to be very grown up already. Palate: Indeed, very elegant funkiness with pineapple and the combination of fresh and overripe bananas as well as spicy banana bread. I am getting some of these Christmas-y vibes again. Orgeat, ginger, cinnamon, tangerines and baked apples come to mind. Pretty good stuff if you ask me. Finish: Long and lasting with the notes mentioned after ‘Christmas-y”. Pretty much on par with the “Denmark” bottling, even though the two Rums boast in slightly different categories. (90/100)

The Colours of Rum New Yarmouth 1994 26YO (68,7%): There have been quite a few 1994s so far, ranging from subpar to excellent. Let’s see. Nose: Very dry and closed. We get caramel, pepper, a whiff of sulphur (no problem!), unripe tropical fruits, wood, plums and milk coffee. It’s totally solid, but nothing uber-fancy. Palate: A mix between dry, fruity and woody. Mango, papaya and oak meet pepper, (milk) chocolate and Crème Brûlée. The texture is insane by the way and I really like the profile. Now almonds, old croissant and coconut chips. This is the better version of Appleton if you ask me. Finish: Medium long with oak, vaguely the fruits, pepper, vanilla and fresh bark. This is the kind of Rum where I think that it is really good but where I don’t see myself finishing an entire bottle very quickly. But yeah, it is good. (86/100)

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