Cognac: Through the Grapevine

Through the Grapevine is LMDW’s Cognac range and today we shall check out what we have! We’ve had a few rather nice ones, but not that many samples left over, unfortunately.

Through the Grapevine Francois Voyer Cask 88 (Grande Champagne, 1988-2017, 42,7%): Cask 88 refers to the vintage, of course. Nose: Quite a bit of Rancio with walnut, hazelnut, old coffee and even some wood varnish. The most dominant note is this mix of pomace and foul apples however, which reminds me a lot of old Calvados but that fits the bill. With more time in the glass, these notes turn more and more to apple cider, apple vinegar and naturally cloudy apple juice. Palate: Very smooth, creamy and despite < 43% sufficiently intense. I don’t think we are missing out on anything. It is still decidedly close to Calvados as we get apples and pears in all of their liquid processings. Compared to the nose, it is definitely not as interesting anymore, however. Finish: More of the same, unfortunately. A nice twist could have done wonders here. What is more, it is now that you realise that we are lacking just a little bit of power but it is what it is. A good one nevertheless! (85/100)

Through the Grapevine Fradon Lot 70 (Petite Champagne, 1970-2018, 46,3%): Nose: I think the additional watts suit the Yak rather nicely. We get mellow Croissant, relatively sweet cherries, oranges, a touch of spices such as cloves, something remotely akin to fennel seeds and later also more herbal notes. The nose is solid, yet absolutely unspectacular if you ask me. Palate: Smooth, tasty and mellow but not very complex. A fresh Croissant with cherry jam describes the flavour profile very well I think, but the Yak is not as good as the combination sounds. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t make any mistakes, it simply doesn’t give me anything that would seperate it from your next high quality Cognac. My other impressions are light berries (think gooseberries), something between pear and sweet quince, freshly cut leaves and branches and obviously also quite some wood. Finish: Once again, more of the same, and here that’s even a bigger issue in my opinion. It is probably solid juice, just not my cup of tea. (80/100)