Armagnac: Château de Lacquy

Welcome to “Yaktober”! Yak (i.e. Armagnac and Cognac) has gained increasing popularity with us over the last year and a half and it was simply about time to dedicate a full month to our new fling. So if you are a long time reader, I invite you to take the journey with us, no matter how much of a hardcore Rum nerd you are. I promise that there will be a few real gems for everyone of you! If you don’t know about this blog yet (since you are from brandy and rather than Rum): Welcome and bare with me, we are still relatively new to this and are more than likely taking a slightly different approach to Brandy than you are! In our humble opinion France’s biggest achievements in the spirit world still come from its overseas departments after all 😉

Anyway, as a starter we have something quite nice today. One domaine, one vintage, same age, same abv but three different grapes in three different single casks at cask strength! All barrels are still ageing in the domaine’s cellars (supposedly) but our bottles have all been bought this year. Contrary to Rum, it’s not uncommon at all for the domaines not to bottle the entire cask right away! That said, we are interested in the differences that the different grapes bring to the table more so than we are interested in their respective qualities. Admittedly, we already have grapes which we tend to prefer over others but such an exercise is always useful nevertheless.

Château de Lacquy 2007 “100% Baco” (48%): Nose: Somewhat smokey with tobacco leafs and the associated bitters, wood, a mix of nuts, rye and barely any fruity notes. At best, I can name dark cherries. Then spices such as cinnamon, cloves or nutmeg. Quite simple and straightforward and it doesn’t really stand out in any way whatsoever. Palate: Clearly shaped by those spicy Rye notes. Chocolate, cocoa, nutmeg, chili, cinnamon and nougat would be my main associations here. That’s solid, but also very interchangeable. Finish: Short with chocolate, cocoa, spices and wood. We’ve had other “Bacos” before of course, but I’d say that there isn’t much characteristic about the variety to be found in this particular bottling. What is more, this one definitely isn’t a favorite. (69/100)

Château de Lacquy 2007 “100% Colombard” (48%): Nose: A lot lighter than the “Baco”. We get floral notes, stone fruits such as apricot or peach, pepper, oak, unprocessed coffee, candied cherries, a nut or two and perhaps also a whiff of pastry. At least in the nose this one already has a lot more going on for itself. Palate: Quite light and slightly alcoholic. I am sensing a sign of immaturity here. I’d describe the profile as a mix of (relatively dry) candied fruits, oak, a few herbal notes that are kinda hard to pin down, cola and several grains. Once again, this is is rather unspectacular but the profile is a bit more to our personal liking. Finish: Medium long with oak, spices, nuts and here and there a glimpse of the cola. It’s okayish, but we can do a lot better I think. (71/100)

Château de Lacquy 2007 “100% Folle Blanche” (48%): And finally, the magical Folle Blanche. That means that only Ugni Blanc is really missing in this line-up. Nose: Easily the best of the bunch. Goat cheese, walnuts, ruccola, honey… yup, that’s a pretty tasty salad. Also quite some wood, light stone fruits, fresh apples (really dominant now!) and citrus notes. Not too bad, especially after the two previous disappointments. Palate: A thick texture with glue, banana, honey, chestnut, corn syrup and more floral notes as well as a few spices here and there (think pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon). Also more oak than you’d expect. Finish: Medium long with wood, banana and spices from the cask. Like the other two Yaks of the session, this one is lacking complexity but the general flavour profile has a different level of quality if you ask me. (75/100)