We’ve had the “Conquering Lion” from Sangster’s in a blind tasting and that was my only exposure to the brand. What is more, the short piece at the end of the review contains all of the information on Sangster’s I have. If you know more about the brand, please feel free to let us know.

sangsters40 (2)Sangster’s Old Jamaica De Luxe Gold Rum (40%): Now what do we have here? Nose: Quite sweet, fruity and, frankly, also quite weird. I get a mix of apples, pears, vanilla, hay and something close to cream or toffee but that’s about it. A really simple rum, not bad, but also not exciting. Palate: Why is this stuff so sweet? I get a cheesecake, candy floss, toffee, liquid caramel, vanilla, pears… actually almost everything about this rum scream “wrong” but it does have this certain something that makes me want to not dislike it. Uh-la-la. It might make for a killer drink now that I think about it. The finish is short with more of the same but that was to be expected. Let’s add toffee apple and roasted almonds. I really don’t understand how this rum can taste quite like it does. After all, Jamaican law prohibits adulteration. Take that, Don Papa fans. Why not just go for a rum like this? (64/100)

sangsters100 (2)Sangster’s Old Jamaica De Luxe Gold Rum 100% Proof (57%): At this point, the only question is if this is really a different rum or just the same at a higher abv. Nose: I am leaning to the former. The profile is basically identical, but the higher abv emphasises the fruity notes (apples and pears). It is not as sweet and I can find a few sour elements such as lime or lemon as well. Might it be a different rum after all!? Palate: Again not as sweet and with the sour elements from the nose. This time they are closer to unripe, sour, green apples though but citrus can be found as well. Behind that the sweeter, vanilla- and candy-like notes. I must say that I like this a lot more than the 40% version, irrespective of if it is the same rum or not. Finish: Short to medium long but really only an extension of the palate. Well, it is not trash and if you own it, I’d say it is a collector’s item first and foremost. (67/100)