Vintage J.Ms (1998-2004)

Since I am rather busy these days some old, sketchy, hand-written notes from a J.M semi-blind tasting I have done about two years ago will have to do it. The scores should be treated as a rough indication this time, even more so than usually. I hope to continue with the usual tastings as soon as possible!

jm9815 (2)J.M 1998 15YO (44,2%): Nose: What’s this? It smells very perfumed but comes with the typical J.M profile that I usually associate with vanilla and cherry. Here it is more like sweetened Amarena cherries however. Quite odd and I am curious what they did here. Palate: Very thin and still rather artificial. Not Don Papa like but you get the idea. Even at only 44% the alcohol isn’t integrated very well but I get nice notes of cinnamon and baked apple with vanilla sauce. It’s like a poor man’s version of the 2002 10YO. Let’s not even discuss the finish… It’s a weird rum that just doesn’t feel right. thumb-60x60 (68/100)

jm9915 (2)J.M 1999 15YO (42,6%): Nose: Way more natural and frankly a lot better than the 1998. I get plenty of vanilla, simple syrup, white chocolate and lime. It is a very sweet and rather lady-like Agricole not unlike Depaz. At the palate, the rhum is a bit like a better version of the 1998. Applepie, vanilla sauce, some grass, cinnamon and other spices (cloves) is what I am picking up. Indeed, it’s quite ladylike, which is actually a good thing here. Finish: Long with spices and grass. The “real” and better 1998. thumb-60x60 (84/100)

jm0015 (2)J.M 2000 15YO (41,9%): Nose: Rather different and not as ‘pushy’ as the others as it takes some more time to open up entirely. Relatively speaking, it is mustier and earthier but the overall profile is shaped mostly by minerals and vanilla. Palate: Way better than the nose, more fruity and less earthy. There are sunflower seeds and vanilla pudding. This one is growing on me with every sip but it is also the least telling in a sense. Once again it is rather earthy with peppercorns and now also sweeter elements such as dark cherry jam and stone fruits. Finish: Long with different stone fruits as well as some grass. The ‘odd’ rum in this tasting if you diregard the “dismal” 1998. Still a very nice one. thumb-60x60 (85/100)

jm01 (2)I’ve also tasted the J.M 2001 10YO with 46,6% but after tidying up I couldn’t fine my notes anymore… It was a very lovely one with all the cherry and vanilla notes I am looking for in J.M, on a very high level. A very good one! thumb-60x60 (86-88/100)

J.M 2002 10YO (46,3%): This one has already been reviewed here.

jm0311 (2)J.M 2003 11YO (46,3%): Nose: More grassy than the others and probably the driest of the bunch. Vanilla and cherries are clearly present but hide behind hay and fresh sugar cane. A hint of fresh apples here and there. Palate: Despite having the highest abv this one is rather light and thin. I get cherries, a mix of pears and apples, just like in mama’s garden. It’s not too sweet and closer to other Martinican Agricoles than to some J.Ms. Out of nowhere some mangos appear now. Finish: Long with different spices. It is a very solid one but it somehow lacks the magic of the 2002. It’s more or less one the same level though. thumb-60x60 (86/100)

jm0411 (2)J.M 2004 11YO (44,3%): Nose: Slightly sweeter again but here apples and warm apple pie (with vanilla sauce on top) are the dominating scents. It is minimally earthy and the logical next step from the 2003. Palate: Strong on the spices despite still being quite fruity. The similarities with the 2003 are apparent but in some sense this tastes like a less refined and not so smooth version of it. I somehow cannot get images of bubblegum out of my head. Finish: Not extremely long with spices and applesauce. The nose was great and better than that of the 2003. With the palate it is the other way around. thumb-60x60 (85/100)

First of all, please apologies the quality of todays reviews but these sketchy notes are all I have unfortunately. I am already looking forward to (partially) redo this tasting soon!

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