Advent Calendar 2017 Blind Tasting Part IV

Merry Christmas everyone! Today we have the fourth and final part of the Advent Calendar Blind Tasting with doors 19-24. As usual, you can find the overview of the other parts below.

cdiny.jpgCompagnie des Indes New Yarmouth 2005 12YO (Jamaica, 55%): No doubt, this is Hampden. Or New Yarmouth. Let’s try to find out which one it is even though it doesn’t matter for this blind tasting since only the correct country awards points. Nose: Eeesters. Finally! Cherries, foul bananas, ripe mangos and some woody notes. Then just a hint of nail polish remover and a mix of parsley and thyme. Judged by the nose it should have a lot of power and we have to take a sip to find out more. Palate: There you go, this has to be the Compagnie des Indes New Yarmouth 2005 12YO I have reviewed already. Finish: Long and sour with apples and black tea. A magnificent rum! thumb-60x60 9/10

revoltemtqRevolte MTQ 2014 3YO (Germany, 56%): A lot of pears, some esters and plenty of vanilla is what I am sniffing here. It is very one-dimensional. You can feel the alcohol but nevertheless I’d say it’s rather mild. With the first sip more and more pears, again some vanilla but unfortunately less of those lovely esters. The rum is relatively intense but it is also a one-trick pony. I’d say this is a mixing rum first and foremost but I don’t really like this neat. In a Ti’ Punch perhaps. The finish is quite boring and doesn’t reveal much more. I was thinking that this might be an Epris from Brazil. 3/10

simonsSimon’s Valkyrie “Castanea” (Germany, 48,8%): More unknown stuff. The nose is full of peaches and apricots, paired with overripe mangos and jelly-like scents. I smells a bit unnatural but I am not sure whether the aromas are artificial or not. Most likely a finish. At the palate we get similar notes, but now also strawberries and mixed fruit jam. Then very bitter elements. There isn’t an excessive amount of wood but the bitterness suggests that it has been tropically aged. It is rather thin and I have absolutely no clue what this could be. I don’t think I have ever had a rum from this distillery but because of a lack of better alternatives I settled on a known one nevertheless (New Grove). The New Groves I know were a bit better though. Actually this is not even bad, it’s just not to my liking. Finish: Well, more of the fruit jam paired with the bitter notes. I am curious what this is but that’s it. 4/10

tcrlpanama (2)Transcontinental Rum Line Panama 2010 6YO (Panama, 43%): In this one we have almond milk, lid matches, leather, sweet and dark berries as well as brine. This all screams Foursquare to me; again. The nose is rather unpleasant I’d say. At the palate we can find a very mild and bland distillate. It is slightly herbal with some pears but I am having a hard time to pick out any other individual flavours. Then brine again. In the finish we can find the dark berries once more, slightly resembling fortified wines but I don’t think this has received a finish. Another at best average rum with several “faulty” notes here and there. Very forgettable. 4/10

clementClément Single Cask “Vanille Intense” 13YO (Martinique, 41,5%): Nose: Some glue, coconuts, Greek yoghurt and a random mix from the spice cabinet. I like it! Is this Neisson? If not I might have found another fave! There’s actually a lot to discover here. After a while we get less of the glue and more fruity notes instead. Very promising. The first sip reveals a rather floral flavour profile, with lots of spices, some wood, wood glue and nuts. Unfortunately this has been diluted noticeably. Finish: Nuts and wood glue, which adequately support the rum. It’s only flaw really is that it is rather thin. Some more alcohol and this would have been the nuts. 8/10

rhum-rum-nation-small-batch-rare-rums-hampden-1992 (2)Rum Nation Hampden 1992 24YO (Jamaica, 61,6%): There are enough esters to make it clear that this has to be Hampden. Anyways, the nose is rather sweet with plenty of marzipan, some exotic fruits (pineapple, banana), slightly medical/ herbal notes and a nice amount of cask aromas such as vanilla and cinnamon. Yes, more of that please. Ah wait, this is already the last one, nevermind. At the palate we can find the typical sour notes of green apples and nail polish remover but paired with the sweet cask aromas and the marzipan it forms a nice symbiosis as we don’t get it everday. Once more, the finish perfectly supports the rum. Some are just getting it right. More specifically, I have marzipan, pineapple and just the right amount of wood. A worthy closer for this great Advent Calendar! 9/10

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