Welcome to Single Cask Rum – Home of Authentic Rum Reviews

Dear reader,

I am happy to welcome you to Single Cask Rum, the latest addition to the flourishing sphere of rum blogs!

Does the world really need yet another connoisseur blogging about rum I hear you say!? Absolutely, as rum is just beginning to leave his childhood behind and truthful information and knowledge on our beloved spirit are hard to come by.
But wait a minute… did I just call myself an expert judge in matters of taste? Well ,  I am not. I am simply an amateur enthusiast who is trying to give single cask and full proof rums the attention they deserve.

On this blog I will present reviews of recent as well as older rum bottlings I have been enjoying. Moreover, I shall provide background information whenever possible, very much in the tradition of Marco from Barrel Aged Mind (short: BAM), one of the pioneers in educating rum drinkers and providing detailed information on bottlings, bottlers and producers. Hence, there is not point in denying that I have been heavily influenced by his and its (solely German) predecessor Barrel Aged Thoughts (short: BAT), which has recently been reanimated by Flo. So what justifies this being another blog in the same style? The answer is simple: The more information on rum is out there, the better. Moreover, different people tend to view the same things from different perspectives. Having experienced different events in your life gives you different associations with things such as  the fragrance and taste of a rum. That is why you will find different tasting notes when comparing the reviews of different connoisseurs of the exact same rum. And as economists like to say: More is better. Let’s embrace variety, not only in rum, but also in opinion.

As reviews naturally take some time to accumulate and to give you some reading material to start with, you can already find some information on independent bottlers and rum from Trinidad on the page.
For more information on this blog, me, my prefered styles of rum and how I review, please visit the About page. Enjoy what is about to come 😉

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