A bag of Bajans

There’s so much debate going on about the Barbados GI and to date I didn’t really comment on it. And that won’t change today for two reasons. Firstly, the disussion is really tiring and annoying. Secondly, others have come up with way better arguments and it should be easy for the concerned reader to come…

Rumexpert Blind-Tasting #12

About a year after the 11th edition of Thomas G. Rumexpert Blind Tasting I happy to present my notes from the most recent one. As a refresher, we had to guess the country of origin, distillery, abv, age, exact bottling and got bonus points for finding out about a finish or independent bottler. If you’d…

Advent Calendar 2017 Blind Tasting Part I

Just like last year, Marcus, founder of “Der Rum-Club“, owner of 4finespirits and organiser of the Cologne Spirits, put together an Advent calendar blind-tasting. Unlike last year, I took part this time. In this one, we have to guess the country of origin, the rum’s age and abv as well as whether it has been sweetened or not….

Velier Mount Gilboa 2008 9YO

I’ve written this review a few weeks ago and just had this rum in a blind-tasting. For the laughters: I couldn’t say with certainty what I was tasting. But then again, neither did my pals whom I have shared this bottle with. Once again, this showed how difficult blind-tastings really are. The Bottling After the Velier…

Habitation Velier Last Ward 2007 10YO

Let’s take a trip to what might be my favorite Bajan distillery. I must admit that I am having a weakness for some of the Mount Gay releases by independent bottlers but unfortunately the only batch we ever got was from 2000. Even bigger was my excitement when Velier announced a tropically aged Mount Gay….