Rum Around the World – ‘Exotics’

The most exotic rum I’ve reviewed so far was probably the Inverroche 7YO from South Africa. As I have had it in a blind-tasting, I had absolutely no clue where to put that one. Similarily, I’ve also tasted quite a few rums from Japan and especially Germany, which I’d put in this very same category….

Compagnie des Indes Indonesia 2004 10YO vs By the Dutch Batavia Arrack

Today we have something quite unusual. It is a battle between two Indonesian rums; or should I say Arracks? Anyway, the contenders are the Compagnie des Indes Indonesia 2004 10YO and the By the Dutch Batavia Arrack! The Bottlings Arak is a term that is commonly used to describe different spirits. Depending on the country, people…