Enmore (Versailles) “KFM” 1991

I didn’t think that there will be any more rums of this batch. After all, the last relese I am aware of dates back 12 (!) years ago. But apparently this year’s rotation of the Main Rum Company revealed a few more casks and the Flensburg Rum Company was the quickest player on the market….

Her Highness, VSG (from the ’90s)

This session was supposed to feature two new, old Versailles, namely the Rum Artesanal Enmore (Versailles) 1994 25YO and the Flensburg Rum Company Enmore (Versailles) 1992 27YO. For the latter, we do have a proper sparring partner, for the former, we seem to have finished the amazing Cadenhead’s Enmore (Versailles) “REV” 1994 11YO some time…