Cadenhead’s Diamond Distillery “MPM” 2003 14YO

The label doesn’t say it explicitly but the reference to a pot still and the mark are telling enough. The Cadenhead’s Diamond Distillery “MPM” 2003 14YO is another rum from the unique Port Mourant Double Wooden Pot Still. The Bottling 2017 was not only the year that marked Velier‘s 70th anniversary but also Cadenhead’s 175th jubilee. While Velier…

Whiskybroker Diamond Distillery 2004 12YO

Dear reader, I am pleased to welcome you back to Single Cask Rum! Today’s bottling has been quite the sensation when in it came out in December last year. Marking Whiskybroker’s tentative steps in the rum scene, it was a real success as it has been sold out within a couple of weeks, after which the first […]