Going vertical with Uitvlugt (French Savalle Still)

We didn’t review many real Uitvlugts so far, i.e. rums from the French Savalle still and neither Port Mourant nor rums from other stills that have temporarily been residing at Uitvlugt distillery. In fact, I think the really good rums from the Savalle still I know can be counted with the fingers of both hands,…

Le Gus’t Demerara 2002 14YO

At first glance, the Le Gus’t Demerara 2002 14YO is just another diluted rum from Guyana. On closer examination, we learn that a very special cask has been used for its maturation. After all, rum with a rum cask finish is a real rarity, especially if the cask previously contained rum from the Caroni Distillery….