Pellegrini S.p.A.

Pellegrini is an Italian independent bottler founded by Pietro Pellegrini, the great-grandfather of the current owners, in Cisano in 1904. This also tells you what the letters PPC, as you can find it in the logo, on barrels and some labels, stand for: Pietro Pellegrini Cisano. Characteristically to Italian bottlers, the company started out as a wine merchant. According to the company’s biography, entering their wine cellars has to be quite the experience. You’ll have to decend a ladder to reach their underground storage facilities. But that’s not enough. There’s also another cellar inside the cellar where they store a few remaining rare bottles that are no longer sold. The idea is to create a “historical cellar of the most important wines”. Since the originial cellar ran out of space at some point, they build a new, air-conditioned warehouse for storing their wines, where they had to wait to find an “ideal location in the cellars”.
I am not sure when the first rums have been sold by Pellegrini and their homepage only gives us some ideas. In 2007, they acquired Va.Ma Distribuzione srl, which apparently enriched the company’s portfolio and strengthened its position in the wine and distillates market. Taking a look at the labels depicted here, you might notice that all of these rums have been bottled in 2010 and I don’t think that’s a coincidence. There might have been a few earlier releases neverthless.


  • Pellegrini Barbajos Blackrock (W.I.R.D.) 10YO (2000-2011), 46%
  • Pellegrini Barbajos Blackrock (W.I.R.D.) 15YO (2000-2016), 54,2%



  • Pellegrini Uitvlugt “Chocolate House” (Sherrywood Cask) 15YO (1998-2013), 46%



  • Pellegrini Panama 13YO (Sherry Casks) (2000-2013), 50%