Moon Import

Moon Import is an Italian independent bottler that has been founded by Pepi Mongiardino in 1980. The company started by releasing a bunch of whiskies. Among them were also some from very small distilleries which has been a novelty at that time. Marco from BAM assumes that the first rum bottlings probably date back to the company’s tenth anniversary. At least he claims that he did not find any earlier releases. Today, their portfolio consists of all sorts of beverages from wines and a great variety of spirits to liquors and even coffee beans.

A common theme running through their releases is that they have all been bottled at either 45% or 46%. Not knowing too many of their releases, I am not in a position to judge the quality of their bottlings. They certainly released a couple of interesting rums in the recent past.

Among the Moon Import rums I have gotten the opportunity to taste are the following:


  • Moon Import Cuba (Sancti Spiritus) 10YO (1998-2007), 46%