Duncan Taylor

Duncan Taylor is another independent bottler that started out as a merchant and broker of whisky casks. Abe Rosenberg bought the company in 1938 and bought more casks then he sold, which steadily increased Duncan Taylor’s stock of old casks over time. When Abe Rosenberg died in 1994, the company’s warehouses contained more than 4000 casks of whisky. Today they claim to own the largest privately held collection of rare scotch whisky casks. Founded in Glasgow, the new owners of Duncan Taylor after Rosenberg’s death moved the company’s headquarters to the North East of Scotland, close to Speyside, the country’s largest whisky producing region. With this step, the company also ceased the brokering of casks and focused on the production and marketing of its own brands instead.

Its rum series was initiated in 2012. The first releases contained a few rare bottlings and really stunning rums, promptly establishing Duncan Taylor as a household name in the rum scene. While subsequent bottlings fell somewhat short of the high expectations after the initial releases,  the general quality of Duncan Taylor rums is still very good. What is more, they still offer high quality single cask rums at reasonable prices. This should not be taken for granted anymore.

A list of tasted Duncan Taylor bottlings:







  • Duncan Taylor Barbancourt 12YO (2005-2016), 54,4%


St. Lucia