Habitation Velier Last Ward 2007 10YO

Let’s take a trip to what might be my favorite Bajan distillery. I must admit that I am having a weakness for some of the Mount Gay releases by independent bottlers but unfortunately the only batch we ever got was from 2000. Even bigger was my excitement when Velier announced a tropically aged Mount Gay….

A.D. Rattray Caroni 1997 17YO

Today we have a very special Caroni which I have considered to be the absolute best one for a long time. Even though I have had a couple of other great once more recently it is still at least a top five Caroni in my book. I’m talking about the A.D. Rattray Caroni 1997 17YO….

Savanna HERR 2006 10YO

If you like high-ester rums today’s bottling might be of interest to you. By Jamaican standards, it should be at least continental flavoured. Moreover, we once again walk on the hidden path of not extremely popular distilleries. It’s time for the Savanna HERR 2006 10YO. The Bottling Savanna is one of three distilleries on La…

Three times Belize’s Travellers Distillery from 2005

Travellers Liquors is a Belizean distillery that has been founded by their Master Blender Omario Perdomo in 1953. Their name derives from their history in serving travellers along the main route to Belize City. When the house made rum blend started to become insufficient and rum even had to be imported to satisfy local demand, Perdomo…

Rum Nation Port Mourant 1995 21YO vs Rum Nation Port Mourant 1999 17YO

It’s time for another duel! Today we have two Port Mourants from Rum Nation‘s Small Batch Rare Rums series, namely the 21 year old from 1995 and the 17 year old from 1999. The Bottlings According to Demerara Distillers Ltd (DDL), the Port Mourant Sugar Estate has been founded in 1732. As Marco uncovers in his essay…