MacY Jamaica 1992 14YO

Today we have a shorter review than usual, a quickie if you want. The rum is still available but seems to be sold exclusively in Denmark. It is the MacY Jamaica 1992 14YO at 45%. The Bottling Ah, a Jamaican rum from 1992, that has to be another of those lovely Hampdens that have been distilled…

Cadenhead’s Sancti Spiritus 1999 17YO

Another rum from Sancti Spiritus albeit from another vintage and another bottler. Actually it’s two rums as Cadenhead’s released a follow-up with the same age, same mark and almost exactly the same abv a few months later. Unfortunately they do not give us the number of the cask and the similar alcohol content might just be coincidence….

Isla del Ron Cuba (Sancti Spiritus) 1998 18YO

Cuba spawned two of the biggest brands in the entire rum business. At least in the western hemisphere, Havana Club and Barcadi are probably the two most well-known rum brands. Few people have heard of Sancti Spirtus or Paraíso, the official name of the distillery, however. It’s time to change that. Today’s bottling comes from the relatively…

Whiskybroker Diamond Distillery 2004 12YO

Dear reader, I am pleased to welcome you back to Single Cask Rum! Today’s bottling has been quite the sensation when in it came out in December last year. Marking Whiskybroker’s tentative steps in the rum scene, it was a real success as it has been sold out within a couple of weeks, after which the first […]

Rum Nation Diamond 2005 11YO

This review features another Demerara from the Diamond Distillery. This time we know for sure that it comes from the Diamond metal column still. Let’s see whether it can smash its competitor from the previous review. Today’s challenger is the Rum Nation Diamond 2005 11YO! The bottling The Rum Nation Diamond 2005 11YO is part of Rum Nation‘s new Small…